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Wedding Day Emergency Kit List

You can say that I have been to my fair share of weddings over the years. I can almost guarantee you that someone always forgets something they need or something that will save a wedding day emergency. I created a list of items that I know get asked for the most. Some wonderful wedding planners have many of these items but some don’t have everything you may need. Things happen that you never think will but having these items will save a catastrophe is one arises. I always carry a sewing kit with me and I have sewn many dresses, zippers, buttons, hems, hooks, etc; and was able to get everyone down the aisle in time. Grab a bag, basket or box and designate that as your wedding day emergency kit. Put these items in there and make sure it’s with you on the wedding day. It’s always great to be prepared and help your day go smoothly.

I’m sure there are several items that could be helpful that I didn’t think of, so I left a few places that you can add items to. If any one has additional items that could help, please leave them in the comments. I hope this list if super helpful and your wedding day is amazing and emergency free.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit List of items to take with you on your wedding day.

March 17, 2021

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