Hey! I'm Brittany! I'm a long-time Denton Wedding Photographer and I'm mostly known for my organizational skills, my promptness, and my years of knowledge in with wedding industry.

As much as I love photographing weddings around the DFW area, the things I’m most passionate about are: my family, traveling, hockey, coffee, Mexican food, and date nights with my husband.

I love being busy and getting things accomplished. I'm an extroverted introvert so I can make things happen when needed or step back and enjoy the moments.  I'll tell you the truth when asked my thoughts.  I love laughing and enjoying life with my family and friends. 

Denton Wedding Photographer

Brittany Barclay

- My husband and I were married in 2006 and we have two boys.  (They are crazy!)

- I live next door to my parents and love having them close.

- I have the best mother-in-law you could ever ask for. 

- My husband is shorter than me but I will still rock my heels as he rolls his eyes.

- We are Dallas Stars fans. GO STARS!! 💚

- Christmas trees, saw dust, and men’s cologne are the best smells.

- I am a list maker. I always have a list of things to-do.

- Shiner is the best beer ever made. I love my red wines too! 

- My kids and I are obsessed with Christmas! Yes, I'm the crazy one that decorates on November 1st.  

- Mushrooms, capers or red velvet cake

- Cell phones during wedding ceremonies

- The time change when it gets dark at 5:30

- Bad wedding cake

Fun Facts