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2020 Wedding Photos

Well, we can all agree that this year was totally unexpected and nothing happened the way we thought it would. This was such a rough year in the wedding world and 2020 wedding photos have forever changed.

2020 started off really good with 3 beautiful weddings. Then March hit and the entire world turned upside down. I had to reschedule all of my spring weddings and kept holding out hope for my summer brides. Some of my couples chose to elope on their original date and some held off until their new rescheduled date. Postponing a wedding is probably the most stressful thing a bride has to do. I have 4 brides that moved to 2021 and the rest chose later dates in 2020.

When June 13th came, I was so excited to work again. I missed being busy and feeling like I had a purpose outside of being a wife and mother. Weddings just make me happy and finally being able to photograph one again really just gave me so much excitement. Amanda and Cory’s wedding was a breath of fresh air and I was also blessed to work with some of my favorite vendors and such a sweet couple. I missed working so much!

2020 weddings continued but with smaller guest counts and family members wore mask or had to virtually attend a loved one’s wedding. It was so hard for some of my couples to know if they were making the right decisions in actually having their wedding. It was hard not having certain people at their weddings.

It’s been such an emotional roller coaster of a year and all of my couples have handled it so well. Weddings are supposed to be full of happiness sharing in a special moment with the ones you love most. It’s supposed to be the happiest day of couples’ lives and this year really tested emotions.

I’m grateful for all my couples this year and being able to capture several love stories. I’m ready for COVID to go away and bring back smiles and hugs.

Now onto my favorites of 2020… I like to try and pick out my favorite in different categories throughout the year. Here are some of my favorites.

My favorite wedding dress

This is always so hard to pick. This year I think Grace wins! I loved that her dress was more of a diamond white/grayish color and full of sparkle. The top really did it for me and she looked STUNNING in this!

My favorite bridesmaid dresses

I really liked seeing different dresses this year. There were some fun color combinations and some fun dress styles. But I think Annie’s velvet dresses were my favorite this year. I loved the color and velvet was something different.

My favorite men’s ware

We are in Texas so I’m a sucker for the cowboy look. Don’t get me wrong, I love suits too but Brandon‘s guys just stand out to me. I loved Brandon’s linen suit which isn’t common along with his guys in their vests, blue jeans, boots and cowboy hats.

My favorite cake

I see lots of cakes and eat a lot of cake. I think my favorite cakes would have to be from Megan & Clay’s wedding. I loved the theme of Clay’s Texas Ranger cake and Megan’s was so pretty too.

My favorite ring photo

We always try and take photos of the rings by themselves and like to use elements around the wedding to add to the photos with the wedding rings. I think Erin & Cono’s ring shot on his Coors Light cake is my favorite ring photo.

My favorite engagement ring

Ashley’s engagement ring was actually her great-grandmothers and is so GORGEOUS! I love the sentimental value it holds but this ring is just beautiful.

Jazzlyn’s is another favorite this year. It’s just so unique and I LOVE it!

My favorite bouquet

Catherine had a Harry Potter theme to her wedding and had all the bouquets made out of pages from the books. This has got to be the most creative bouquet.

For a floral bouquet, I think I loved Sage’s the most. I loved the muted tones and greenery.

My favorite decor

Haley and Matt had some of my favorite decor. Their reception area just blew me away. I loved the mis-matched plates and all the greenery used. Their wedding was certainly a favorite this year.

My favorite food

Grace & Michael’s wedding wins this category again. I mean how can anyone beat pizza? I love me some pizza and it’s not a “normal” wedding meal which makes it perfect. I love having the unexpected.

My favorite engagement sessions

This category is hard to narrow down. Do I selected one I photographed this year or select one of the couples that were married this year? So I think I need to pick three.

Amanda & Cory’s engagement session was photographed in 2019 but I loved it so much. The colors, the outfits, the location…it was all perfect.

I think Jazzlyn & Mason’s engagement session photographed this year was my favorite. I loved the chalk fight so much and the playfulness in their images.

Kate & Matthew’s engagement session was another favorite this year. I loved the fall colors and just how much fun these two are together.

My favorite shoes

Lyndsay’s shoes totally ROCKED! I loved the bling and how much fun these are.

Tomorrow marks my last wedding of the year and I know this one will be a fun way to ring in 2021. I just hope 2021 comes in and takes it easy on all of us. Happy New Year’s and thank you for allowing me to capture your moments this year!

December 30, 2020

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