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Best of 2021 Wedding Photos

It’s hard to believe that 2021 is already over. It flew by so fast. I’m so glad that Covid didn’t stop weddings last year and I was able to celebrate with all my wonderful couples. I’m so blessed that this is my career and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

2021 was full of weddings, engagement sessions, some bridal sessions, and lots of boudoir sessions. I really love staying busy and getting to capture all these moments.

Now onto my favorites of 2021… I like to try and pick out my favorite in different categories throughout the year.

Here are some of my favorites.

My favorite wedding dress

This is always a tough one to pick. I liked so many dresses this year and how they all looked different.

I think Krystal‘s dress was one of my top choices. She looked so gorgeous and the sleeves and the back….just STUNNING!

My favorite bridesmaid dresses

This one was so easy. I loved the orange velvet dresses that Ashley had. Her bridesmaids all looked so amazing in the color.

My favorite men’s ware

I am such a sucker for boots and jeans. I know it’s not a suit but still, it’s the best. Bryce’s group all looked so handsome so my vote goes to his group!

My favorite cakes

I would have to give it to Blake & Kody. I loved how different these were from what I typically see.

My favorite ring photo

Sarah & William win the category. They had these large ice cubes for whiskey and I used one for the rings and I loved how it came out.

My favorite engagement ring

So I may be partial to this one but it’s still my favorite since it’s so unique. Chevy’s ring is just gorgeous!

My favorite bouquet

Ashley did such a great job on her fall wedding. I loved her bouquet.

My favorite centerpieces

This one is such a hard category. I liked so many centerpieces but I have to say that Meredith and Connor‘s were so simple but had such great stories with each one and I loved seeing them at their wedding.

My favorite engagement sessions

Carlye & Grant‘s engagement session was my favorite. You just can’t go wrong with hundreds of acres of beautiful family land.

My favorite bridal session

Kaitlyn wins this! I don’t think I laughed so much.

My favorite shoes

Ariel wins this one hands down. These were so amazing!!

Favorite Boudoir Photo

I had so many sessions and can’t show some of them but Stefanie had one of my favorite images.

Happy New Year and thank you for allowing me to capture your moments last year!

January 7, 2022

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