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Best of 2022 Wedding Photos

Do you want to see the best of 2022 wedding photos by Brittany Barclay Photography?

2022 was such an amazing year for BBP. I am truly blessed that I get to capture love for a living. I had many weddings, engagement sessions, bridal sessions, boudoir sessions, and a few other sessions. I saw several past brides and grooms and always love seeing them at sessions or weddings.

Each wedding is unique and I love seeing each couple’s personality be put into their day. I have many wonderful memories for all my past clients this year. These are some of my favorites in different categories for all of 2022 wedding photos.

My favorite wedding dresses

They say the dress is the most important thing after the groom of course and I saw so many beautiful dresses last year. I love lace, I love simple, I love fluff; I just love wedding dresses. They all look so different and while I can’t pick just one in this category, I had to narrow it down to my top three choices all with different styles.

Ashley’s Boho bridal look was one of my favorites. This dress was made for her and she looked stunning in it. I loved her custom hat that she added as well.

Samantha’s dress was another top favorite. I loved the sleeves and the lace at the top. She wore it so well and it had pockets!!

Makenzie would look good in paper bag! Her dress was simple but so elegant. I loved the back with the buttons and bow. She looked like a bridal model in her gown.

My favorite bridesmaid dresses

I see lots of bridesmaids dresses and I have found that I love when they all are the same color but different styles. I also see lots of similar colors so when I have something different and I don’t see it often, I love it. Marieke’s bridesmaids wore orange and it looked so amazing with her fall wedding.

My favorite men’s ware

I had two favorites for this category. First up is Jordan. His suit was different and I LOVED the color of it. It looked so good on him and I have to say it was my favorite out of all the grooms this year.

As for the entire group of guys, I really loved the classic black tux look that Andrew had. He had a bow tie to make him stand out and the groomsmen had a pink tie that matched the bridesmaid dresses.

My favorite cakes

Everyone knows that I love wedding cake! I saw so many lovely cakes and dessert bars this past year. Here are a few that stood out to me.

Julia’s cake was something so unique. I loved they way it looked and all the detail of each layer. Her cake topper was custom made by the bride herself and it included all their favorite things to do. This was so beautiful!

Groom’s get their own cake sometimes and I love when it represents them. I had two cakes (at back to back weddings I might add) that were very similar. You can’t go wrong with a golf cake for a groom. Joshua & Benji both loved their golf themed cakes.

My favorite ring photo

During the reception, we take the wedding rings and take photos of them with items around the venue or reception. These were two of my favorite ring photos we took last year.

Daniela and Saad had cake forks that we used with the rings and I love how this photo turned out. Her ring was sooooo gorgeous!

Jazzlyn & Mason had my favorite engagement ring last year so I just love the simplicity of this photo but her ring just stands out being so unique. I love that the wedding band is a different metal too.

My favorite engagement ring

I had two engagement rings that stood out to me last year. This first one was from Maddy & Trevor’s proposal I photographed a couple of weeks ago. Maddy’s second sentence after yes was “It’s HUGE!”. It was certainly a beautiful ring and the sweetest proposal to go along with it. Second was Julia & Alex. Julia might have a little love for orange so her engagement ring was just that and I loved seeing something different.

My favorite bouquet

Bouquets are at every wedding. Some are real and some are artificial. Some a large and some are small. Some are white and some have color. It’s so nice to see each bride pick such different things with flowers. My favorite bouquet was from Kelly & Reagan’s wedding. I loved how colorful it was and the added ribbons. It was so beautifully done.

My favorite centerpieces

Kelly and Reagan won this one too. I loved seeing something so different. I LOVE color and they did such a fantastic job incorporating all these beautiful colors. I loved the blue glasses and all the different color napkins. It was simple yet colorful and it all worked so well in the reception area.

My favorite engagement sessions

I love photographing engagement sessions. I had so many that I loved but the story behind this one just made the images more special. Ashley and Austin chose to have their photos taken on his family land. They were in the starting process of building their dream home on the land and we took some photos where their new house would soon be. Texas sunsets are so beautiful and you can’t go wrong with open fields.

My favorite bridal session

Bridal sessions are something that’s popular in the South. I would say about half of my brides choose a bridal session and I love getting that extra time with my bride right before her big day. The two that stand out of me from last year were Marissa and Jazzlyn’s.

Marissa did something totally different and wore her grandmother’s wedding dress for part of her bridal session. This dress was also worn by her mother for her parent’s wedding as well. So the third generation to wear the same dress was something so special and a honor to capture. We took a few photos in grandma’s dress and then she changed into her wedding dress. I did a composite with her in both dresses and I loved how it turned out.

Jazzlyn’s session was something different. When I arrived at her venue, the clouds came in so quick and it started raining and the wind picked up. The rain didn’t last long but the wind stayed around. She was the best sport and was actually excited since it was her favorite kind of weather. Jazzlyn’s infectious personality made this windy day turn into something spectacular.

My favorite shoes

I am a sucker for shoes. Any kind of shoes. I just love them and think they are all amazing.

Jazzlyn’s shoes were so cute. I loved the beading on them.

Marieke’s shoes were custom and you cannot go wrong with sneakers to stay comfy all day long.

Favorite Wedding Veil

Julia’s veil was the first veil I got to photograph that had flowers and color added to the bottom. It was so beautiful and it has to be my favorite veil from last year.

Favorite Full Wedding Party Looks

The full wedding party is always a fun series of photos to take. I loved the color combination of Marieke and Trevor’s wedding party. Orange and navy blue look so good together and the fall flowers just make it pop!

Favorite First Look Pranks

Last year I had several bride’s prank their grooms with a fake first look. I had groomsmen in tutus, I had groomsmen in dresses, I had guy’s with veils, and I had a guy in a T-rex costume. Samantha’s prank on Kendrick in the T-rex first look, took the gold medal for this category.

Favorite Flower Guys

Last year was the year for flower guys. We had several weddings with guys and fanny packs throwing petals down the aisle. It was so funny and each one was so unique. But Sarah and Michael’s wedding would have to win this category. This man was simply amazing and should charge for his services.

Favorite Boudoir Photo

I have to say that boudoir photos are my favorite thing to capture. I love seeing a groom’s reaction to his album of beautiful and sexy photos of his bride. While I can’t show some of my favorites for past brides, I can show you one of my favorites for a model I had the pleasure of photographing. She is GORGEOUS and totally slayed her session.

Favorite Session Images

I typically stick to photographing weddings, bridals, engagements, and boudoir photos. I had a few other sessions last year that I loved that were not wedding related. Here are a few favorites from other sessions.

Maternity photos for a few of my past brides and grooms was lots of fun. I love seeing the new phase of life they are entering about to become parents.

Branding photos is a new love of mine. I loved photographing a few branding sessions for these beautiful ladies last year.

Senior sessions is something I don’t do much of but I really like doing. These two seniors are so very special to me. I photographed both of their parent’s weddings.

Family photos is something I don’t photograph much either but these families are some of my favorite people. I photographed many moments for these people and most of their weddings. I love seeing their new families start and the adorable kids as they grow up.

Happy New Year and thank you for allowing me to capture your moments last year! I’m so blessed!

January 6, 2023

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